Doing clothes clean the right way

By-Devika Agarwal

The way you dress often says a lot about you, and your appearance becomes the window through which the world looks at you.

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner said “You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal about You,”

Clothes are significant for various reasons they have their handy uses to keep us warm, cover, protected moreover Clothes empowers us to communicate our character in various manners.

Now a days, there are many materials with which clothes are been made.

The Clothes which you wear also carry a vibration and if you need to pass positive vibration you should wear clean clothes. Clothes are the first thing which people observe in you, it reflect your attitude towards your life. It is not always necessary to have lavish and pricey clothes or to have a heap of clothes, the thing which is significant is when you wear certain clothes they should be clean, hygienic and tidy, as the clothes which you put on reveals about your personality and approach towards your life. Dirty clothes give foul smell and will pull people away from you. Dirty clothes invite several micro-organisms that can get ticked into the fibers of the cloth which can often lead to diseases, and also wearing clothes with these microorganisms on them can lead to skin infections. To avoid such a thing you should wash your clothes regularly and maintain proper hygiene.

Here are some major and expert tricks of laundry for your clothes. So to get laundry like a pro Follow these basic steps for washable clothes and you’ll have clean laundry.

Before you get started, determine if your clothes really need to be washed.

  • Check the Label.

Laundry symbols on clothes are there to help you to check the clothes. Every circle, triangle, and the square has its own meaning.  Inspect the labels on your garments and linens. These labels will tell you whether your garment item can be machine washed or not. Also, every type of fabric has its own properties to react with heat, water, and cleaning solvents. Place all your clothes that are labeled “wash separately” or “hand wash” into the separate stack.

  •  Sort

Sorting of the garment is one of the important and vital roles after sorting the clothes by their labels. As all the garments cannot be washed under the same washing cycle, Clothes are needed to be sort by their color and fabric. Sort the laundry by light colors, dark colors and the heavily soiled clothes should be washed separately. Sort the garments again by the type of fabric as the different fabric needs different water temperature, detergent, and washer cycle.

  •  Laundry detergent

 After segregating your garments pick the appropriate detergent for your clothes which will make your clothes revive. You can select the all-purpose laundry detergent for your clothes. Read the directions which are mentioned on your detergent to determine how much to use based on the size of a load of your laundry. Generally laundry detergents are available in liquid, powdered, or single-dose form. All of them will give you good results, as the Liquid form goes well with greasy and oily stains. Powdered ones are more effective on mud strains and the Single-dose packs are the most appropriate and simple to use.

  • Washing cycle and temperature.

While putting the clothes in the machine its important to choose the right washing cycle and temperature for your garment. The choices which you will make will affect the cleanliness and longevity of your clothes. Moreover choosing the correct water temperature for laundry can prevent clothes from fading, stretching, or shrinking. Cold Water is good for dark and delicate fabrics. Warm Water is best for synthetic, and press fabrics. Hot Water is best for white cotton fabrics and heavy clothes like work jeans, kids playwear, bed sheets etc.

  • Final Check

Before loading the clothes in the machine have a final check if your laundry. Look for any heavy strain which is needed to be pretreated. Certain stains require certain treatment. Also check all the pockets to prevent disaster. Close all the zippers and buttons remove all the accessory if needed.

  • Load the Washer

Load the sorted pile into the washer one at a time. Do not overload the washer as it will hamper your garments. Add the detergent in the detergent dispenser of the washer using the recommended amount; lastly add liquid bleach or fabric softener to automatic dispensers if needed for your clothes. Lastly select the proper cycle and water temperature for each of your loads.

  • Unload the Washer

The final step is to remove wet laundry from the washer to lessen wrinkles and prevent mildew. Hang garments to air dry, lay flat to dry, or place them in the dryer.

Happy washing.