COVID-19 and Time utilization in Lockdown

By- Devika Agarwal

Prevention is better than cure

It is an uncommon situation from which the world is fighting. The number of cases of COVID 19  is increasing tremendously day by day. Several countries have implemented lockdown to curb and to fight against this Pandemic. People themselves are practicing self-quarantine and following social distancing as much as they can to avoid the spread of COVID 19.

 Most of the companies have given work from home to their employees and some companies have suspended their work.

 Almost every citizen is undergoing a rough phase and trying to adapt to the situation in the best way. There is a strong sense of paranoia, fear and anxiety is floating across society

Nonetheless, staying at home is the best action and precaution one can take at present to prevent from being a victim of COVID-19.

It is important to understand that everybody reacts differently for this adverse situation, for some the lockdown is comfortable and for some lockdown has become very difficult to hold up at homes and cope up with the undergoing situation. It might affect mental health and cause anxiety, fear, and the situation of depression.

However it is important, to keep ourselves engaged and strong during the lockdown situation.

It is important to maintain routine, regularity and sanity for our well being.

Here is the list of few things which you can practice to utilize the time and keep yourself engaged.

Spent time with family

When you have the opportunity to stay at home, you can make it enjoyable with family members. Try to involve yourself as much as you can with family. Play games with your family and give time to your kids. Allocate time for doing some game activities like hide and seek, jenga, board games and many more.

Workout at home

Exercise doesn’t just keep us in good shape physically, says Dr. Elena Touroni, a consultant psychologist. “It also boosts our happy hormones and reduces anxiety, stress, leaving us feeling happier and more relaxed”.

There are plenty of exercises and effective workout plans to keep you going all day and keep you stress-free and healthy. Nowadays there are many options for online classes; you can even book your time slot for home workout according to your preferences.


Meditation has many benefits. It helps in improving the quality of life. Nowadays people are worried that if things will go back to normal and the level of anxiety and depression are increasing day by day. It has become important to take care of mental health as well.

Meditation is an essential tool for relaxation and it helps to calm you down. Meditating everyday release your stress and anxiety and will also control your anger and depression. It can also help you to increase your concentration and awareness.

Learn new skills.

Knowledge is said to be the nourishment for the soul. These are the best time to learn new technologies and to sharpen your existing skills. It is very important to keep yourself updated. There is plenty of free study material which is available on the internet; moreover there are virtual and online classes which one can take. Many other essential and entertaining things can be learnt during this time.

Explore your hobbies

Hobbies surly beats stress. It’s time to dig and peruse your hobbies which you have kept on hold due to a busy schedule but have always bought you happiness. For some, it might be painting or for some, it might be resuming cooking, gardening or even you can develop a new hobby with the help of the provided technology. Bring your X-factors out; they will surely keep you captivating.

Revisit memories.

We all have memories which we treasure. With your busy schedule you might not got time to look back, but since now you have time recall those memories.

Cook together.

We all love to eat delicious food. Moreover cooking together gives families a time to share a bond and will help you to connect with each other. Kids can also learn a range of skills in the kitchen.

Clean and organize

If you where waiting for a weekend to clean and organize your house then this is the time to whip your house into shape. Though keeping a house clean might be magical to some people. Schedule a specific day of a week to clean and organize the house.

Play online and indoor games

Games have always enchanted us from time. Nowadays a number of online games have been launched to cut down boredom. You can play a number of games with your friends and family while sitting at home. You can even play indoor games like chess, puzzles cards, etc with your family and kids which will keep you busy and will positively influence your mind.